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Training materials on Anti-Bribery, PDPA, Competition Law etc.

For Heads & above only.

Do you know what are the SAESL Core Values? Yes? Good! But what do they mean? What are we suppose to do about them and how??

This eLearning aims to give you exactly that. A light and simple reading for easy understanding allow you grasp the content easily whether a chapter at a time or altogether.

Target audiences: All SAESL Employees

Compilation of Management-related articles for leisure reading, increase awareness and provide inspiration to SAESL Management team.

New articles are added on periodic basis.

This e-course is meant for employees who will handle, change and replace gas cylinders in Gas Farm.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour

For General Repair only.

This course is meant for personnel operating / working on Thermal Spray Related works.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour

This is a half-yearly updates on the latest Aviation Regulations and the latest Engineering methodology.

ALL technical staff are mandatory by regulation to attend this update. The affected groups are as such:
- Production Dept (B0C1, B0C2, B0C3, BET1, B3C1, B3C2, B3C3, PDIP, CS99, PDEM)
- Component Repair (RPSR, RPS1, RPS2, RPS3, RPPS, RPCB, RPFB)
- Materiel (MDLW, MDMP1, MDMP2)
- Quality Dept (QDQS, QDCM, CI00)
- Engineering Dept (ENRS, ENOH, RPLB)
- Planning (PL00)
- Customer Business (CD00)

The following non-tech groups are mandatory due to the impact of the work they perform, whether indirectly or directly, on our aviation regulations compliance strategy:
- Human Resources Development (HRD)
- Facility (FDFC)
- Procurement (MDPC)
- Management Team (CEO & Managers)

Estimated completion time is 1 hour.

Why is this important?

First Aider Awareness Training is designed to provide essential knowledge about First Aid roles and responsibilities, activation procedure and inspection schedules.

For Who

Employees who are appointed as First Aider. The quiz passing mark is 75% .If you fail to achieve the passing score you will have to re-do the Quiz again.

About theCourse

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour

Why is this important?

Fire Safety Awareness Training is designed to provide essentialknowledge about fire safety, helping them to understand how to prevent a firefrom starting as well as what actions to take if a fire does break out.

For Who

Employees who are appointed as Fire Warden. The quiz passing mark is 75% .If you fail to achieve the passing score you will have to re-do the Quiz again.

About the Course

Estimated cumulative hoursof completion: 1 hour
This E-Learning ensure that the purpose and function of the energy control program are understood by employees and that the knowledge and skills required for the safe application, usage, and removal of the energy controls are acquired by employees.

Duration: One hour

This course gives an introduction and overview of the requirements of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and details about the SMs implemented in SAESL.

Estimated cumulative hours to complete: 1 hour.

HS&E Induction is a compulsory course for all employees.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 2 hours


This e-learning course is meant for overhead crane operators and appointed lifting supervisors.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1.5 hours

Overhead crane

This is a mandatory course for all employees.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour

HIRA Cartoon

This course is meant for the following employees: B0, B3, ETF, NDT/CL, EMS, IT & Planning, Quality & CI, Engineering, HSE, Met Lab, Sentencing, General Repair, Machining, Plasma, Compressor Blade, Fan Blade, and Facility.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour


This course is meant for personnel operating the following lift trucks:


Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour

finger This awareness course is for All Employees.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 0.5 hour

This course is for employees working at heights. It also covers mobile step safety, ladder safety, scissor lift safety and fall protection.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1 hour


Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1.5 hours

hazardous waste

This e-course is meant for employees who will handle, use and store chemicals (gaseous, liquid, and solid) and also for employees transporting chemiclas from one location to another within the factory. First aiders, spill response members and fire wardens are also required to complete this course.

Estimated cumulative hours of completion: 1.5 hours


This is a recurring training for Human Factors study, to give you the basic understanding of human factors and human performance limitations in our engine maintenance environment with the potential impact of human factors in our work.


Mandatory for:

q CRS and Non-CRS authorisation holders

q Approved Internal Auditors

q Quality & Safety Department personnel

q Engine Overhaul Department personnel

q Component Repair Department personnel

q Engineering Department personnel

q Customer Business & Procurement Department personnel

q Materiel Department personnel

q Training & Development section personnel

In this section we need to understand the flow that describes the processes, operations, machines, raw materials, and resources associated with production.


The principal goal of the sections in this chapter is to describe how the important average quantities associated with production can be computed with the help of a model based on the process chart.

Control in process industries refers to the regulation of all aspects of the process. Precise control of level, temperature, pressure and flow is important in many process applications.


This module introduces you to control in process industries, explains why control is important, and identifies different ways in which precise control is ensured.

The CI department will be launching an e-Learning series accompanied by quizzes throughout the year. This series hopes to help everyone gain a better understanding of CI activities and the Improvement Journey program.

All employees are encouraged to participate in the quizzes after reviewing the e-Learning slides. The top 10 Participants with the highest scores of each quiz stand to win $5 worth of NTUC vouchers!

Estimated duration: 10 to 15 minutes per e-Learning and quiz


This year’s Process Control targets are 60% Bronze and 40% Silver. This course aims to equip all STAR Heads and STAR Pilots with the skills necessary to assist their STAR Points in achieving their Process Control targets this year.

All employees are encouraged to undergo this e-Learning to equip themselves with the various CI tools available to improve and enhance their processes.

Target group: STAR Heads & Pilots, and all other interested employees

Estimated time to complete: 30min per set of slides

Green belt

Estimated duration: 10 min

This course is open to ALL employees.

Kindly note that the deadline for the quiz was 31st March 2011. As such, any further entries will be counted as invalid. However, everyone is still welcomed to view the e-Learning slides.

The objective of the course is to give everyone a better understanding of the steps involved in problem solving. This information will be useful to help solve workplace problems, as well as other issues we commonly face.


Course 1_Joyce_27-09-2016

Test Course 2016 summary

This Insurance Survey is only applicable for employees who joined after 1st March 2016.

You Choose Health

This module is for SAESL's Work Permit Holders only.

Do you have any burning question(s)? You can post them here.

Questions submitted will be addressed during Breakfast Meeting.

Target Audience: SAESL Employees

This survey is for all employees.

Estimated completion time: 15 minutes

The survey consists of 101 questions:

  • Questions 2 to 51, focus on Product Safety—
  • Questions 52 to 101, focus on Employee Safety
  • If the question is not applicable to you, please click "Not Sure"
  • Please answer the questions in the context of your job role

What is Product Safety?

It refers to the components/modules/engines that we overhauled, using approved maintenance data, will not cause any damage resulting in CONQ, or when assembled, the engine is airworthy and safe to fly, through a continuous and proactive process of Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and mitigation.

What is Employee Safety?

Basically employee safety covers the process of protecting employees’ safety and health while they are on the job.

Please note that the survey is anonymous, no names will be captured in the report.